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Invisible Braces

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Straightening teeth using Invisible braces is an alternative to traditional braces. A system of transparent aligners customized made called Invisible braces cover your teeth and gradually move them into the right position. They are less apparent than conventional metal braces since they are transparent and removable. Adults and teenagers can both wear Invisible braces. In addition to correcting overbites, underbites, open bites, crossbites, and overcrowded teeth, these transparent braces are utilised to narrow spaces between teeth. We can decide if Invisible braces is the best orthodontic treatment for you after examining your teeth and taking x-rays of them.

What is the process of Invisible Braces

It can also be used to adjust the bite in individuals who have mild to severe misalignment. Patients might benefit from Invisible braces procedures if they have an overbite, crossbite, or underbite. The procedure involves utilising transparent plastic aligner trays to progressively realign the teeth. The trays must be worn for at least 20 hours each day to achieve this. The trays may be simply taken out, allowing patients to maintain their dental health and wellbeing without having to worry about brackets and wires that could make it difficult. They can also brush and floss as usual. Using the results of the test, x-rays, and a 3D model of your teeth, we can determine if Invisible braces is the correct choice for you. The course of treatment establishes how your teeth must move and how long it will take to align them properly. Your personalised aligners are made in the Invisible braces laboratory using the x-rays, 3D model, and images of your teeth. You will be able to observe how Invisible braces will gradually fix your orthodontic problems by referring to the 3D representation of your teeth.

About Treatment

What is Invisible Braces Made up of

Clear aligners from Invisible braces are composed of BPA-free plastic and are significantly more comfortable than traditional metal braces. Your teeth may be straightened with these specialised transparent aligners, giving you the stunning smile you've always desired. 

Why are Invisible Braces most prefered by adults

1. Discret treatment with Invisible Braces The fact that Invisible braces is discrete is one of the main factors making it ideal for adults. Because they are concerned that their metal braces would look too obvious, most individuals forego orthodontic treatment. Patients who use Invisible braces wear hardly perceptible transparent plastic aligners. Adults who are undergoing orthodontic treatment can carry on with their daily activities without feeling as though they are bringing more attention to their teeth. Even when someone is wearing Invisible Braces directly in front of them, most people don't even notice. 2. The Convenience of Removable Invisible Braces Because the Invisible braces aligners are removeable, the procedure is incredibly practical. Patients are not need to give up any of their favourite meals while undergoing therapy. They only need to take off their aligners so they may eat whatever they want. Additionally, maintaining good oral hygiene before and after treatment is as simple as ever. For a dentist appointment or to brush and floss your teeth, just pop out your aligners! Adults adore Invisible braces's ease. 3. Invisible Braces Takes a Busy Schedule into Account It's typical to visit your dentist regularly throughout any orthodontic treatment. However, compared to other treatments, Invisible braces doesn't require as many sessions. This is so that fewer non-routine (emergency) visits are required, which is made possible by the comfort that Invisible braces encourages. Additionally, because we just need to check on your progress during checkups, they are brief. You will appreciate how little time you have to spend at dentist appointments with Invisible braces treatment if you're an adult with a hectic schedule. 4. Most Cases Can Be Handled with Invisible Braces The fact that Invisible Braces can handle the majority of instances is the last factor making it ideal for adults. Gaps, crookedness, crowding, overbites, underbites, and crossbites can all be treated with Invisible braces.

Can Invisible Braces be used for children

Due to the fact that Invisible braces braces are easily removable, there is a significant chance that a child may remove their aligners more frequently than is recommended or will forget to replace them after eating. Younger children may lose or misplace their braces easily, and there is a danger that they may overuse them and harm their teeth. Simple to complicated adolescent, tween, and tiny smiles can all be improved with Invisible braces First®. Designed to address concerns with crowding, spacing, and narrow dental arches in developing youngsters between the ages of 6 and 10. Dental hygiene removable for simple hygiene, facilitating brushing and flossing by growing children Integrated assurance To ensure they get their best smile, you may use the optional blue compliance indicator dots to track the development of their teeth throughout the course of therapy. Prioritises your kid and is built to produce predictable outcomes and a good experience

Before After

Precautions while wearing Invisible Braces

Avoid making them dirty. It's crucial to just consume water when wearing Invisible braces aligners. Your aligners may become stained by any meal that is black or highly pigmented and become apparent as a result of residue. After eating, try your best to fully brush and floss to prevent staining the aligners. Avoid rubbing them. By taking appropriate care of your aligners, you may extend their lifespan during your treatment. Be careful handling the aligners since if you take them out too quickly, they might scratch or even break. Do not hurry the procedure For the procedure to be successful, the teeth must move continuously slowly and gently. Rushing the procedure can result in dental resorption, which weakens the teeth over time and increases the likelihood that they will fall out. Avoid playing with it. The worst part of the Invisible braces treatment is the first few of days as you adjust to the aligners, but after a few days, most patients scarcely ever notice them. It's crucial to leave the aligners alone throughout that initial phase. Avoid using your tongue to inspect the aligners' edges since it might get scraped or painful. Case of Invisible braces Leave them outside. Spend a few seconds putting the aligners back in their container after each meal so that they may be removed securely. Eating while wearing the aligners might cause them to scrape or break, delaying the treatment and increasing the expense. In order to prevent stains, refrain from consuming anything other than water while wearing the aligners. Be sure to wash your teeth. Brush and floss after every meal as frequently as you can to keep your teeth and aligners clean and free of germs that can lead to foul breath. If you aren't in a situation where you can brush and floss, rinsing your mouth with warm water or eating sugarless gum are both acceptable alternatives.

Quick Ways to Clean Invisible Braces

1. Always soak your aligners once each day. You must soak your aligners at least once daily if you want to maintain your Invisible braces system smelling and looking wonderful. Denture cleansers and Invisible braces's cleaning crystals are both options. You must use a new toothbrush to remove any food debris and plaque when the treatment is complete. Make sure the toothbrush is different from the one you use to brush your natural teeth. Before putting them back in your mouth after brushing, rinse them with warm water. This makes it more likely that the food debris won't develop and result in further cavities on your natural teeth. 2. Clean your teeth with a toothbrush and floss before using Invisible braces. You should maintain clean, healthy teeth and gums. Otherwise, you'll continue to have dental issues in the future. Keeping your teeth clean and strong also requires regular brushing and flossing. Before re-putting your aligners in your mouth, always make sure your teeth are clean. This aids in improving the hygiene of your mouth. If you don't, food particles within the Invisible braces may become wedged up against your natural teeth. 3. Give snacks careful thought. Do you like to eat little meals throughout the day as opposed to three large ones? If so, you'll need to modify this activity to retain your Invisible braces. You must keep in mind that the success of Invisible braces hinges on your ability to wear it for 20 to 22 hours every day. Take it out of your mouth if you wish to eat something that could affect your Invisible braces. If you don't, the life of your aligners will be shortened. The nicest aspect is that you have the option to forego snacking. Many people who used Invisible braces discovered they shed a few pounds while undergoing this orthodontic procedure. It's wonderful since it will make you consider whether your snack is worthwhile in light of taking out your Invisible braces. Over time, stopping to reconsider your snack choices can lessen them. 4. Quit consuming too much caffeine. Do you ever have coffee before breakfast? If that is the case, you probably drink many cups to stay energised. But if you use Invisible braces, you might want to reconsider this practise. You will have plenty of chances to break this behaviour while wearing this aligner. Water is the only beverage that is advised when this is in place. One of the worst beverages to consume is coffee since it will discolour your aligners. These stains make it obvious to others that you are wearing braces. That will undermine the effectiveness of Invisible braces and lower its standard. Because of this, you should consider if ruining your aligners for a warm cup of coffee. 5. Avoid leaving the trays out. The worst choice among the Invisible braces dos and don'ts is to leave it in plain view. When not in use, you must keep your aligners in their case. You run the danger of exposing them to airborne infections and bacterial growth if you leave them out in the open. You run the risk of losing or breaking your aligners if you don't place them in their case. No matter where you are, you must always be prepared with your aligner case. If you leave your Invisible braces out for a few hours, you must first soak and clean them. 6. Be sure to schedule your travels. You must remember that you must change your Invisible braces aligners every few weeks. You'll need to be proactive and prepare ahead while receiving this treatment because of this. Make sure to bring fresh ones in addition to your existing aligners if you're going on a long trip away from home. Having the new ones delivered to your existing location is a fantastic substitute. Your therapy must not be interrupted. If you don't, you could have to restart it and make matters worse. Avoid Cleaning Your Invisible braces. Utilizing scented or coloured soaps Be careful not to use anything with strong colours or odours. Both soaps and toothpaste fall under this category. The major justification is that it will inevitably leave some residue on your Invisible braces trays, which will eventually cause discolouration. The potential bad taste it can give your aligners is another another drawback. You must thus make an effort and take into account what is appropriate for Invisible braces cleaning. 8. Quit smoking You should start quitting smoking as another unhealthy habit. You will only have enough time to eat and drink because to the 20 to 22-hour wearing requirement. You won't have much time to think about smoking after that.

Frequently Asked Questions about Invisible Braces

Important things to note

All Age Groups but mainly Adults

All Age Groups but mainly Adults

Lab tests or imaging may be required

Lab tests or imaging may be required

Not covered by most insurances in India

Not covered by most insurances in India

Multiple visits required

Multiple visits required

No special precautions before the treatment

No special precautions before the treatment

Proper Dental Hygine to be maintained

Proper Dental Hygine to be maintained

Simple to Wear and maintain

Simple to Wear and maintain

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