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Dental Bridge

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Lack of teeth can limit your ability to eat, speak, and smile. A dental bridge may make your mouth look and feel better. The gap left by lost teeth can be filled with dental bridges, which can last for many years. A dental bridge can assist restore the appearance and functionality of your teeth if you have lost teeth, particularly your front teeth. It fills up the space left by the lost tooth. A dental bridge can replace one or more lost teeth by using artificial (fake) teeth to bridge the gap. A bridge is often comprised of crowns that are cemented in place on each side of the missing tooth or teeth that are supporting the pontic (fake tooth).

Why do I need Dental Bridge?

Your teeth work together. Teeth in close proximity to a lost tooth may shift into the gap. Your opposing jaw's teeth may also shift upward or downward toward the opening. This may lead to: Bite issues. chewing challenges. pain from your teeth and jaw being under more tension. feeling self-conscious about your appearance or grin.

About Treatment

What varieties of dental bridges are available?

Traditional fixed bridge: The most typical type of bridge is the conventional fixed bridge. It has one, two, or more linked filler teeth, as well as one or more crowns. The bridge is secured by the crowns. Metal, porcelain fused to metal, or ceramics are the usual materials used to make bridges. Cantilever bridge: One abutment tooth serves as the pontic's single point of contact in a cantilever bridge. If you only have teeth on one side of the gap, this is occasionally a possibility for you. Maryland dental bridge: If your front teeth are missing, a Maryland dental bridge (also known as a resin-bonded bridge) can be an option for you. It is supported by a framework and constructed of porcelain bonded to metal or ceramic teeth. Each side of the bridge has wings that are attached to your natural teeth. Implant supported bridge:: An "implant supported bridge" is a fixed bridge that is supported by implants as opposed to being glued to teeth like a "conventional fixed bridge."

What is the Procedure for Dental Bridge?

Typically, you'll require at least two appointments: Preparation of the abutment teeth: During your initial appointment, your doctor will reshape the abutment teeth. To make way for the crown, some of the enamel and dentin will be removed. Impressions: Your dentist takes digital scans of your teeth or takes impressions of them. Your bridge, fake teeth, and crowns are all made in a dental laboratory using the mould or scan as a model. While the lab is making your bridge, you will have a temporary bridge to cover the exposed parts in your mouth. Placement of the permanent bridge: During your second visit, your doctor will replace the temporary bridge with the new one. In order to ensure that the bridge fits you comfortably, your provider will thoroughly inspect it and make any necessary modifications.

Advantages of Dental Bridge

An orthodontic bridge can: Improve your bite. Keep the rest of your teeth from shifting. regain your speech and chewing abilities. Bring back your grin.

Do dental bridges have any risks or complications?

If you take good care of your bridge, it should survive for many years without any issues. If the adjacent teeth start to decay or the cement starts to break down, the bridge might fall apart. Your dentist may be able to reattach the bridge with fresh cement if the supporting teeth are still sound and healthy and the bridge becomes loose.

How long do dental bridges last?

Dental bridges can endure for five to seven years at the very least. The bridge could endure more than ten years with appropriate dental care and regular expert cleanings.

Before After

Precautions after Dental Bridges Treatment

The strength and condition of the remaining teeth are key factors in the dental bridge's effectiveness. Preventing gum disease and dental decay, which can result in tooth loss, is particularly crucial when using a bridge. When caring for your teeth and gums, you should: A dentist may demonstrate how to properly clean and floss your teeth. Brush twice everyday. Probably a threader, a unique kind of floss that allows you to glide the floss between the bridge and your gum, will be used by you. Get frequent cleanings from professionals: Regular dental visits can help identify issues early, when treatment is more effective. Maintain a healthy diet: Try to reduce chewy, fibrous meals like certain meats and consume lots of fruits, veggies, and fibre.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Bridge

Important things to note

All ages

All ages

Lab tests or imaging may be required

Lab tests or imaging may be required

Not covered by most insurances in India

Not covered by most insurances in India

Multiple visits may be required

Multiple visits may be required

No special precautions before the treatment

No special precautions before the treatment

Special precautions after the treatment

Special precautions after the treatment

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Dental Bridge