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Ceramic Braces

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Ceramic or transparent braces are orthodontic appliances used to straighten teeth and correct bite issues. They are made out of rubber bands and transparent or tooth-colored wires that are affixed to the surface of your teeth, giving them more discretion.

What are Ceramic Braces?

Contrary to metal braces, which employ grey or metallic silver brackets and wires, ceramic braces use transparent or tooth-colored brackets. Because ceramic braces are less obvious on your teeth than metal braces, many individuals choose them. If you're thinking about getting braces and don't want to feel self-conscious wearing them, this might be a great benefit.

About Treatment

Advantages of Ceramic Braces

Less unpleasant: Ceramic braces are said to be less painful on your gums and cheeks since the ceramic is not as abrasive, according to those who have worn both metal and ceramic braces. Hard to notice: The fact that braces are noticeable and can be humiliating, especially for adults, is one of the reasons why individuals avoid obtaining them even when they are necessary. Ceramic braces' brackets can be coloured to blend in with your natural teeth, making them hard to spot from a distance. Very durable: Because they don't believe ceramic braces are strong or will survive the duration of therapy without needing to be changed, some people are hesitant to obtain them. Fortunately, ceramic braces are durable and will last the duration of your orthodontic treatment. Cost-effective: Ceramic braces are somewhat more expensive than metal braces, but they are still a more affordable option for straightening crooked teeth than clear aligners, which are more expensive and take longer to work.

Disadvantages of Ceramic Braces

Size: Ceramic braces feature larger brackets than traditional metal braces, which may be a deal breaker for some people, despite the fact that the size of brace brackets used nowadays is reduced. The tooth-colored brackets should, however, make their size irrelevant given that they are small. Stain teeth: Ceramic braces are attached to your teeth with tiny rubber bands, much like metal braces are. Rubber is a porous substance, therefore the longer it remains in your mouth, the more probable it is that it may stain and discolour your teeth. However, stains on teeth are nothing new when it comes to braces in general, and your orthodontist may remove the stains once the braces have been removed. Cannot withstand a lot of pressure: Ceramic braces are strong but can be destroyed if subjected to excessive pressure for an extended length of time. If you need substantial dental work, your dentist could advise obtaining metal braces rather than ceramic ones.

Before After

Precautions while wearing Ceramic Braces

Brushing With Ceramic Braces When caring for braces, it is crucial to have a great oral hygiene regimen. Not just the prescribed twice a day, but also after every meal and snack. To reduce the possibility of plaque building up between the teeth and braces, it's crucial to brush each tooth at the gumline and below the brackets. Interdental cleaning, or flossing, is essential at least once between the teeth and under the wires. Use an orthodontic flosser or floss threader, which you can get at pharmacy shops, to more easily floss between the wires. In comparison to unwaxed floss, waxed floss may be more pleasant to slip between your teeth and less likely to catch on your braces. If you have gaps between your teeth, flossing may not be as effective as using an interdental brush, which goes between the teeth. Water irrigators are still another choice for difficult-to-reach places. Plaque and food particles can be removed by its pulsing water stream. A fantastic final step is always to rinse with mouthwash to remove any bacteria that were missed by brushing and flossing. Eating Precautions with Ceramic Braces To protect your braces from harm, it is important to adopt safety measures. You should refrain from doing things like biting your lips, breathing a lot through your mouth, and pressing your tongue on your teeth, for instance. Cut crunchy foods into bite-sized pieces before eating.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ceramic Braces

Important things to note

All Age Groups

All Age Groups

Lab tests or imaging may be required

Lab tests or imaging may be required

Not covered by most insurances in India

Not covered by most insurances in India

Multiple visits required

Multiple visits required

No special precautions before the treatment

No special precautions before the treatment

Proper Dental Hygine to be maintained

Proper Dental Hygine to be maintained

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Ceramic Braces