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What is the cancellation policy of Bright Plans?

Cancellation policy varies by each plan, and the selected tenure. Most plans come with a 1 month flexible period if you choose to cancel within the first month.

Cancellation Policy for fixed tenure, prepaid discounted plans

As these policies come with a significant subsidy in the lieu of fixed tenure and prepayment, there's no cancellation for the tenure of the plan. These plans come in fixed tenures of 6 months, 1 year & 18 months.

Cancellation Policy for fixed tenure, monthly payment plans

As these policies come with a significant subsidy in the lieu of fixed tenure, there's no cancellation for the tenure of the plan. As the plans have a monthly payment, the payment would be automatically debited from the payment mechanism you have updated. In case the payment fails, you'd receive an immediate notification informing the same. If the payment does not succeed within the 5th day of the month, grace period of 25 days starts with a reduced benefits, post which members would not be able to availe any benefits. Please follow the link for more details. Non-payment or payment failures affect your CIBIL score.

Cancellation Policy for monthly plans

You may cancel your Individual and Family monthly plan at any time. You may need to do this if you get other health coverage, or for another reason. However, please note that the benefits would be available till the last date of the month, irrespective of the date on which you cancel the plan.
For instance, if you cancel on 11th of a month, you'd still be able to use the benefits till 30th or 31st month, whichever is the last date of that month, as per the benefits schedule.

Cancellation Policy for the health insurer plan

If you're enrolled into a health insurer plan by a third-party health insurance company facilitated by brightplan, the cancellation terms of the plan you're enrolled into, apply for the same. Please refer to the policy document you receive upon enrollment. However, in most cases, health insurance plans come with a 1 year mandatory term irrespective of the nature of the payment, whether it is monthly or annual.
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